Sometimes the network hardware has a costume

  • garden
  • collaboration with Rob Ray: computer & network hardware, software, felt
  • dimensions vary
  • 2012

garden is a localized community media network that resembles an open wi-fi connection. Instead of connecting to the internet as we know it, garden connects neighbors to a ‘blank,’ communally writable local network where anyone in range can set up their own domains, pages and media; it’s like a combination of a local newspaper and a mesh network.

Easy-to-use web software like WordPress and Hotglue allows non-experts to easily set up their own versions of any site. Users are also encouraged to be expressive with hardware used to run the network, often ‘dressing up’ boring items like routers in fun costumes. garden was installed at the Microwave International New Media Arts Festival in 2012, where many users were able to create re-imagined versions of monolithic websites.

User-created page from Hong Kong installation

User-created page from Hong Kong installation