A few examples from my code.

Here are a few handy ASCII diagrams for recording circuit setups inside of your Arduino sketches. I’ve found that making a habit of this is as important as commenting the code. These may look a little funky in your browser but they will line up nicely in plain text Arduino sketches.

Update: for some more current Arduino version ASCII pinouts (Mega, Uno, etc.), check out


selected bookshelf

I’ve been trying to keep a running list of everything I’ve read/should read about art. Here it is…

Have read/re-read:

  • Acconci – Television
  • Adcock – Marcel Duchamp’s “Instantanes”: Photography and the Event Structure of the Ready-Mades
  • Antin – Video Culture
  • Gaston Bachelard – Poetics of space
  • Barbrook – Imaginary Futures/on McLuhan
  • Bateson – Metalogue: Why do Things Get in a Muddle
  • Beard – The American Boy’s Handy Book
  • Berger – ways of seeing