Certified Food Color Makes Brightly Colored Wood Stain

I’ve been researching lately on ways to make brightly-colored wood stains or dyes that are also food-safe and non-toxic. Colored wood stains like analine dyes provide the bright color I want, but are definitely not food-safe. There are some existing commercially available food-safe dye stains, but I really wanted some crazy bright colors.


The Materials: Beeswax and Mineral Oil

Here’s a recipe for a natural, food-safe wood finish that’s easy to make & use.  It uses only beeswax and mineral oil which are non-toxic and edible, making this finish a perfect solution for wooden utensils, cutting boards, children’s toys, or anything that could go into mouths or into contact with food. The finish color is subtle, and depends on the color of beeswax used.