“How are We Going to Talk After This?”

  • “How are We Going to Talk After This?”
  • video installation, HDTV, aluminum, fabric, video cameras, video
  • 12’x12’x7’ with 6 minute video loop
  • 2013

A video portrait document of conversations and performances between myself and my long-distance partner. We performed several portraiture-conversation sessions during in-person meetings over the course of five weeks, talking mostly about our relationship and the project itself. A body-mounted camera was created to capture simultaneous full-body video images of each of us during the performance. The camera straps onto – and is supported by – both of our bodies, physically constraining us each to face each other in close proximity (reaching distance). The performance was prompted by frustrations in our relationship that were magnified by long-distance communications media, specifically video chat software; the title is a direct quote from one of the recorded conversations.