Dennis Rosenfeld and I had a great time presenting our House-Hold Hardware Hacking demo at Machine Project’s Workshops from the Workshop on Workshops workshop today. We covered:

  • building a hackintosh
  • hacking wi-fi routers
  • iOS jailbreaking
  • custom Android updates and hacks
  • hacking an SLR camera’s firmware
  • hacking a point-and-shoot camera’s shutter button
  • inkjet and laser printer & cartridge hacks

Check out our slides for links & an overview of all these processes!

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 8.28.36 PM

One technique for getting text files into your Unity project is to use the TextAsset class. This lets you treat the entire text file as a string, which you can operate on using any of the String class methods (the .Net methods work for any language Unity supports).

This example splits a CSV text file into strings and prints them: (more…)


Had a few hours to spare in the airport today and decided to play around with some growth algorithms. Here are some results:



I heard recently about a new Facebook app called Bang With Friends that lets you secretly tag those of your contacts whom you’d like to ‘bang.’  If the friend also has the app and has tagged you as a potential bang-ee, you’ll both be notified, and can presumably hook up.  Skeeziness of trying to sleep with your friends aside (speaking from experience, I don’t recommend it), the interactions Bang with Friends proposes are interesting, and warrant a further look at why I think the app will fail at its misguided/intended purpose.

On the surface, you could look at the choice options of BWF using a simple 2×2 matrix, like below:

Friend Wants to Bang Doesn’t Want to/Indifferent
Wants to Bang Good* Indifferent*
Doesn’t Want to/Indifferent Indifferent* Indifferent*

*For arguments sake these are only the primary outcomes, conformed to the subjective premise set forth in BWF. Obviously, sleeping with a friend could be very very bad, and not sleeping with them could be good in the sense that it doesn’t destroy a friendship.