We Make Health Fest

  • We Make Health Fest
  • 8/6/14 10am-4pm
  • University of Michigan
    Palmer Commons, Great Lakes Rooms

I'll be presenting some DIY body-metric tracking projects at this event!

A collaborative event for a local and virtual community passionate about health, technology, and participatory design. Join us for a full day of health themed design and maker activities for the whole family!

This is an event focused on health, technology, and participatory (patient-centered) design, that will take place at University of Michigan. We are inviting a large diverse community of participants from within and outside the University of Michigan.

The event will be PARTICIPATORY, so although there is an organizing committee, the purpose is for the COMMUNITY to share their personal stories, Do-It-Yourself Technologies, and creations for managing health. We plan to have booths, speakers, and demonstrations. Hit the participate button below if you want to share your work!

We welcome a diverse group of individuals at the event: Patients, Health care Providers, Artists, Designers, Parents, Kids, Techies, Engineers, Makers, Tinkerers, Scientists, Advocates, Researchers, Administrators, Business/Community Partners, Public Health Professionals...YOU?


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