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Monster Drawing Rally

MOCAD’s 5th annual Monster Drawing Rally public event and fundraiser will feature 70 artists in two, one-hour shifts drawing in front of a live audience, making their private studio practices a public performance. Artists at all stages of their careers will create sensational works using a variety of materials: everything from collage and watercolor to ink and graphite. Spectators will have the opportunity to witness the creative process, watching as ideas transform into fully-fledged artworks. Each piece immediately becomes available for sale at $40. ARTIST LIST Shift 1:
  • Alice Schneider
  • Amy Sacksteder
  • Ani Garabedian
  • Anna van Schaap
  • Anthony Marcellini
  • Brian Spolans
  • Bridget Quinn
  • Carl Oxley
  • Chris Reilly
  • Chris Riddell
  • Corinne Duchesne
  • Dino Valdez
  • Emmy Bright
  • Francis Kulikowski
  • Jide Aje
  • Jimbo easter
  • Jon P Geiger
  • Josh Bolin
  • Kyle Thousand
  • Kylie Lockwood
  • Lindy Marie Shewbridge
  • Lisa Rigstad
  • Louise Jones
  • Mary Williams
  • Michael Reedy
  • Michele Hudak
  • Mike Ross
  • Ndubisi Okoye
  • Senghor Reid
  • Shaina Kasztelan
  • Steve Coy + Dorota CoyTrisha Holt
  • Tylonn (Ty) J Sawyer
  • William Singer
Shift 2:
  • Addie Langford
  • Alexander Buzzalini
  • Alison Wong
  • Andrew Thompson
  • Ash Arder
  • Billy Kang
  • Brandon Christopher
  • Caleb Vasser
  • Clara DeGalan
  • Corrie Baldauf
  • David Parker
  • Davin Brainard
  • Dan Demaggio
  • Eli Gold
  • Emily Wood
  • Evan Condron
  • Hannah Chalew
  • Hwaylee Downey
  • Jacklyn Brickman
  • James Collins
  • Jessica Frelinghuysen
  • John Charnota
  • Laura Beyer
  • Lucy Cahill
  • Megan Heeres
  • Paul Johnson
  • Peggy Randon
  • Sarah Rose Sharp
  • Todd Macintosh
  • Tyanna Buie
  • Vanessa Beard
  • Vaughn Taormina

Self Portrait in Reykjavík

Video/audio installation chronicling an artist’s experience with displacement, isolation, and sleep deprivation. Read more about the work in my Infinite Mile Essay, Island Thinking.

Windsor WAVES 2016

Cross the border to see Matt Daher, me, and Betsy Soukup perform stunning audivisual free improv music/light show/brain trip/mind melds as Liminal Luminal. Our performance consists of live free improvisation techniques on drums, bass, electronics, and large-scale projected visuals. (UPDATE: 9/30’s performances have been canceled due to bad weather. 10/1 will go on as scheduled!) We’ll be performing several sets each night (9/30 & 10/1) on 10/1 outside the Art Gallery of Windsor at these times:
  • 8-8:30pm
  • 9-9:30pm
  • 10-10:30pm