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Vanishing Point

Unboxing/Book Categories

It’s finally time to unpack all my books, and interpret their cosmology.

Opposable Thumbs Podcast

Interpret the Cosmology of Your Book Collection We talk about the body, synesthesia, photogrammetry the difficulty of trying to re-invent our creative practice while also trying to reinvent ourselves. The hope is that both issues will sort of just fix the other. SPOILER ALERT: It doesn’t really work, but it kind of works, or at least helps. And gentrification comes up. Gentrification always comes up… Welcome to late capitalism! Speaking of gentrification, Rob uses an LCD projector as an old school opaque projector and also tries to upcycle your inbox.. so boojie. Chris sets his worries aloft. Will he go full Hindenburg or ride a unicorn off into space? Taylor goes full podcast inception. Stay tuned to see if the universe collapses in on itself! Check out our project photos, videos and more at Thanks to Nik, Adam, Luke and Kelly (! They’re our top Patreon supporters! And props to Mike and Jen as well! Ya’ll are great too! Join ’em at:

Analog Clock/Dreamcatcher

A cyclical video/light/sculpture installation. Read more about the work in Hyperallergic.

33 Year Clock

A software-generated self portrait clock. Read more about the work in Hyperallergic