Booting from GRUB into Chimera


I set up a Hackintosh recently with software from tonymacx86. It’s great, super fast and cheap to boot! I also installed Ubuntu Linux 12.04 afterwards, and found that Linux’s GRUB bootloader took over the boot process, preventing me from loading Chameleon Chimera to boot into OSX. Here’s how I added an additional menu item to my grub.cfg to boot from GRUB into Chameleon.

Figure out which partition your OSX install is on. I know mine is on /dev/sda2 (partition #2), and my machine only has one hard drive. Get info about your drives:

Then get info about your partitions. Assuming /dev/sda is the drive you’re booting off:

From this info get the partition number of your OSX install.

Add the menu item to /etc/grub.d/40_custom.

(You can use a different text editor if you want; eg, substitute ‘nano’ for gedit)

Add this text below the commented area:

Where the digit after ‘hd0’ matches your partition number. Save and quit.

Rebuild the GRUB configuration:

Reboot, and you should be able to choose between Linux and OSX Bootloader!

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