Show BBpress Topic Tags from Inside WordPress


I’ve been hosting a forum at using WordPress and BBrpess integration, so that WordPress and BBpress share user accounts. This is great for the most part; one drawback is that while you can use some of the WordPress functions inside BBpress, you can’t go the other way and call BBpress functions from inside WordPress.

For example, if you want to show a tag cloud with your forum’s topic tags on a WordPress post or page, you  might try to use the function bb_tag_heatmap, but that function only works if you’re on a BBpress page. You might also think of trying wp_tag_cloud, but since WordPress and BBpress are looking at different database tables for their tags, it won’t work either.

Here’s a pretty hacky way of making WordPress show BBpress topic tags when you’re not on a forum page. I put the code below into my WordPress theme’s sidebar.php.

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